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(Blockchain) Product/Market Fit (1) ”區塊鏈“ 產品/市場合適性 (1)

“The only thing that matters is getting to product/market fit.” by Marc Andreessen, Co-founder and General Partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. This is a post in the Stanford University originally for startups, but to be frank, I think it can be applied to all.

Team, product and market are the three elements being commonly discussed that affect success, yet which is the most important? Let me simply grab an answer from the passage, the answer is market. There is no doubt that market is the paramount of everything.

Why? We can summarise it in merely few lines.

1. In a great market — a market with lots of real potential customers – the market pulls product out of the startup.

 2. In a terrible market, you can have the best product in the world and an absolutely killer team, and it doesn’t matter – you’re going to fail.

These two sentences generalise 95% of startups and let me apply it to the Blockchain World. Ethereum (ETH), globally renowned concurrency for smart contracts, is a practical example. ETH rose to $1400 in early 2018 driven by the surge in the number of ICOs for the year and today, on the 7th Dec 2018, ETH is less than $85 and delivers a 94% reduction from its height. The reason behind for the drop is a flopped market which aligns with previous statement.

Let’s wrap it up, when the market is ready, a good product shall act well; when crypto market is vigorous, fundamentally-well cryptocurrency shall boom.


矽谷風險投資公司Andreessen Horowitz的聯合創始人兼合夥人Marc Andreessen說 “最重要的就是達到產品/市場合適性。”這是一篇在斯坦福大學發布關於初創的文章,但坦率地說,我認為它可以適用於所有的投資上。



1. 在一個巨大的市場 , 一個擁有大量真實潛在客戶的市場 – 市場將主動地把產品從創業公司中拉出來。

2.在一個糟糕的市場中,你可以擁有世界上非常優秀的團隊,但也沒意義 – 因為你將會失敗。

以上這兩句說話基本上概括了95%的初創公司,現在讓我將其應用於區塊鏈世界。以太坊(ETH),全球知名的智能合約什麼是虛擬貨幣為例。 ETH由於該年ICO的數量激增在2018年初升至1400美元,而在今天2018年12月7日,ETH的價格已經從最高位下跌了94%,現在低於85美元。跌幅背後的原因當然是因為市場變差,而這個恰恰跟我剛才所說的第二個情況是一樣的。



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