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最後,特別感謝其他2位志願者Aaron和Kim,如果沒有他們的幫助,AMA就不會那麼成功。 我們以後會繼續與團隊有緊密的合作,共同拓展和服務Holo的華人社區。


A great success

The first Holo Chinese AMA event was successfully held on 28th December during this blessed holiday season, this marked an important milestone in the relationship between Holo and the Chinese community. We would like to express our deep gratitude to Holo team, especially to Matthew, Greg and DHT who put tremendous effort into it and used their resting time to deliver the AMA to the Chinese community at midnight of the US time.

As a community volunteer, I was very honored to get involved in organizing this AMA. I enjoyed very much the time working with the team and other volunteers from which I have learnt a lot. I am also thankful to all the audience for your participation. This time, many quality questions and constructive feedback from the Chinese community were received and got answered properly in Chinese, all the participants have gained a better understanding of Holo and Holochain after this AMA. Our discussions still continue in our WeChat channel everyday. The team is looking forward to having greater dialogue with the Chinese community, they would be very happy to answer any further questions you may have about Holo and Holochain.

Last but not least, special thanks must go to the other 2 volunteers Aaron and Kim, the AMA would not have been that successful without their help. We will continue to work closely with the team in the future to help growing and serving the Chinese Community.

The future of Holo and Holochain is promising, we will see some truly amazing developments of them in 2019.

Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year!


The PowerPoint slides for this AMA are presented below.






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