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Reiterate Healthcare BlockChain 重申醫藥業區塊鏈

Recently I read a news mentioning medical R&D expanding Blockchain project to include data sharing. The link for the news is below:
this https://cointelegraph.com/news/medical-rd-alliance-expands-blockchain-project-to-include-data-sharing/amp.

The reason for this passage to caught my sight is because I have been mentioning in various channels again and again about the potential of healthcare Blockchain and how it is fully ready for disruption and finally I found a practical example to  corroborate my view. This piece of news exhibited one critical problem which is data within the healthcare industry is fragmented, methods used for transmission and storage is old-fashioned.

Please do not misunderstand my perspective. The healthcare industry is undoubtedly innovative but only in terms of medical technology (CRISPR, Cart-T etc.), other parts of the healthcare system are utterly undeveloped or obsolescent and slight same as 20 years ago. Let me use one easy example to deliver my stance. You may have used an App for taxi/hotel/shopping, but have you ever used any app for healthcare stuff? I bet generally the answer is no. My takeaway will be the industry is unoccupied and this undeveloped yet paramount piece of a society is definitely ripe for disruption.


PS: I do not want to go in too deep on how potential this industry is, you can drop me a message if you want to discuss further. Plus, if I remember correctly, the renowned block-chain VC Pantera said something similar to “healthcare industry is ripe for disruption”as well.





請不要理解錯我的意思。我的意思並不是說整個醫藥行業都是落後的,在醫藥發展方面,醫藥行業無可否認肯定是有創新性的,比如說CRISPR,Cart-T 等等,可是在醫藥體系的很多其他方面都是落後陳舊而且是跟二十年前差不多的。我用一個簡單例子黎解釋吧,我們會用App 來找交通工具/酒店/購物,可是你會用App來做醫藥的事情嗎?我可以肯定說,一般都沒有,所以我對於這個行業的總結就是醫藥行業是空白的,而這個還沒發展但在社會中卻非常重要的一個版塊絕對是已經準備好迎接一個改變。


PS:我不想在文章裡面講的很深入,如果有想進一步討論的可以留言給我。另外就是如果我沒有記錯,世界知名區塊鏈風投Pantera 之前也說過”healthcare industry is ripe for disruption”類似的話。


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