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Mochimo 血幣

New Coin Introduction: Mochimo (MCM).

MCM is a third-generation cryptocurrency and transaction network architected from the ground to avoid known issues and deficiencies in existing blockchain systems. MCM was coded from a blank page to combine best-in-class features into one crypto ecosystem that is also proofed through post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. This cryptocurrency employs a new randomised consensus algorithm and a unique PoW mining technology. More importantly, MCM innovates and provides solutions to couple of critical problems on blockchains today.

  1. ChainCrunch™ Technology: This proprietary technology reduces the total size of the blockchain which ensures its ability to scale and process large number of transaction (scaling from existing 1K TPS to 20K TPS within 6.75 years)
  2. Trigg’s Algorithm: PoW algorithm that ensures First-in-First-out transaction processing with a fixed transaction fee and mining will stay viable for all levels of miners indefinitely.
  3. Mochimo consensus Mechanism: New consensus built on top of Random Networks model that allow high-speed covergence, orphaned chain pruning and a mathematically provable consensus.
  4. Quantum Resistant Security: Deploying WOTS+, vetted by the EU funded PQCRYPTO research organisation, to secure MCM’s addresses. MCM resolved a critical issue that will be faced by current ECDSA-protocols such as BTC, ETH.
  5. Fair Distribution: Minimal premine of the development team, no ICO, self-regulating and constant mining difficulty coupled with insurance of a slowly decreased block rewards act as deterrents to ensure a fair distribution of MCM even to late miners.

I believe above elements leads to strong potential of this coin.


First day price in exchange:

25/3/2019 listed in CITEX and surge 300% in 15 minutes amid few coverage in the market.


Exchange registration link:



今日要介紹一隻新幣 Mochimo (MCM),中文叫血幣。

MCM是一隻第3代的加密貨幣和交易網路,跟現在大多數以現行的區塊鏈框架作為基礎不同,MCM 是從頭開始構建,所有代碼都是團隊從零編寫。為了保障該貨幣不會過時,這一隻加密貨幣採取了后量子加密算法來保障其長期安全,而且還採用了新的共識機制和獨特的PoW技術,更重到的是,MCM 解決了現在很多現有和新型區塊鏈的一些關鍵問題。


  1. ChainCrunch™ 技術:這個技術可以保證可擴展性,保證可擴展並出黎大量交易的能力(可以6.75年內從現在的 1000 TPS 擴展到 20000 TPS)。
  2. Trigg’s 算法:確保First-in-First-out 交易以固定的交易費用處理,為所有級別的礦工保持挖礦的可行性。
  3. Mochimo 共識機制:按照隨機網絡建立的新共識機制容許高速匯聚,孤兒鏈修剪以及數學上可證明的共識。
  4. 量子計算安全性:運用WOTS+ 技術保障了MCM地址的安全而且解決了現有加密貨幣使用橢圓曲線數字簽名算法的潛在風險。
  5. 公平的挖礦模式:沒有ICO,只能挖,挖礦難度也會不斷自我調節,而且緩慢減少來保證無論任何時間加入挖礦的礦工都可以參與在內。



25/3/2019登上CITEX 交易所,15分鐘之內攀升了300%。




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